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Product Evolution at Guisoft

The commitment that Guisoft has, stands for a continuous investment in its people, the improvement of a process or ways of working, and expertise always present in its products and services. This proposition allows Guisoft to maintain a competitive advantage and develop services and products of value that provide effective aid to partners and customers. Through a fast-paced growth and worldwide costumers’ expansion, Guisoft needed to reward its team organization, processes, and ways of working, seeking the support of the Agile Thinkers to fulfill this need.

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The Scrum Default Approach

The “let’s go Agile” is a popular move nowadays (maybe even a lagger move), and the “let’s use Scrum” is a quite common default in many situations. In big corporate companies with well defined, detailed, heavyweight, long lasting processes, compliance, policies, roles, silos, and mostly project driven, adopting Scrum in the IT operational/development team typically becomes a big challenge. When the benefits like delivering value or customer satisfaction are not  seen as crucial drivers for embracing Agile, then it's quite a strong signal that something is wrong.

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