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The Agile Thinkers is the proud organizer of World Management Agility Forum 2024


Consulting Services

We provide a customized approach to help your organization in adopting new work practices and new behaviours. This evolutionary process led by our team with your people will determine the creation of an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, for the success of your business.

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Agile Academies

We offer a range of public and private courses that go from Scrum & Kanban to DevOps and SAFe. Our programs leverage a range of highly dynamic teaching methodologies, including cohort assignments, class lectures, exercises and case studies, all aimed at improving your skills as an agent of change.

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We're the proud co-organizer of one of the most Agile representative conferences worldwide, where every year a wide group of  Agile thought leaders share their valuable insights. During the last week of September you can attend World Agility Forum, Agile Human Factors and eXperience Agile in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Agile Practitioners Network


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We believe that the products and services of companies serve the purpose of improving peoples’ lives. At The Agile Thinkers, we enhance this through our knowledge in new ways of working, empathy, inspiration, dedication and good relationships. 

 Hugo Lourenço • CEO of The Agile Thinkers

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Get to Know Us

At The Agile Thinkers we have extensive knowledge and experience working with all the major challenges of today's organizations. 

Hugo Lourenço


Hugo has more than 15 years driving organizations to new, organized, and more effective ways of working. Former Portuguese Navy special forces. Founder and CEO of Agile Thinkers®, Agile 21 and eXperience Agile Conference.  

Gonçalo Pereira


Gonçalo is a practitioner of new ways of working tools and methods, and ways for improving results, that can make a vital catalyst for transformation and value creation.

Patrícia Cid

Operations and Finance

Patrícia is an experienced operations manager with more than 15 years in the training business. She brings to the team the organizational skills needed to make each project a success.

Guilherme Assunção

Marketing Lead

Guilherme is passionate about Marketing, Communication and connecting with people.
He brings to the team the strategy and connecting skills to improve our brands.

Joana Afonso

Marketing Lead

Joana is also passionate about Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Copywriting.
She brings to the team the vision, statements and analytical skills to improve our brands.

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Companies that work with us

We have worked with numerous organizations across both the public and private sector, including companies from the Financial Services, Gaming & Leisure, and various other private sectors. 

What our clients are saying

"In 2021 I took over the leadership of a new team at MC, the Agile Chapter. The company gave us the challenge to structure a team that would be able to disseminate not only agile methodologies but above all the mindset to all our colleagues and teams, able to lead the change management of our "Way of Being & Way of Work". This may seem like an easy task, but given the organizational context of @BIT's IT area, more than 30 years of existence, working on more than 700 products/solutions, in collaboration with more than 50 partners, supporting all this with a vast and diverse technological legacy, to serve different types of businesses of different maturities. The cherry on top of the cake is the great diversity of people we have with us orchestrating all this, we have different generations, different backgrounds and different histories and experiences.

It was in this complex and challenging context that Agile 21 aka Agile Thinkers were absolutely crucial in helping and challenging us to structure our area, our positioning and our way of working, building this directly with our Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. I felt that their inputs and work influenced our way of working and our way of being, contributing not only to the growth of the area and organization but also to the personal development of everyone involved, through the different team moments as well as all the 1:1s held. We believe that the exposure and reinforcement of agile practices as well as the maturity increase of our operating model is being accelerated because we work in partnership with Agile 21 ".

Fátima Silva • Team Lead at MC