The Kanban Method as an Engineering Solution 


Körber Supply Chain has in hands several enormous projects with different clients. This organization is involved in the design and implementation of solutions all over the world, solutions that are entirely personalized and tailor-made for the client's needs. A solution includes working with people from several areas, such as Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Software, and Project Management. After it’s installed and delivered, the Customer Service’s area would oversee supporting any requests and setbacks during the time needed, which can last for years


Fitting a company for its purpose can be an extremely elaborated challenge, as Körber Supply Chain is composed of two teams: one (Project Team) is responsible for developing new software solutions to provide better customer service. The other team (Customer Service Team) focuses on providing Support for the solution alongside people from the sales department to maintain the relationship and search for new customer offers. People from Software Engineering, Sales, Project Management, and people allocated to the Support of these solutions are involved. With such a complex environment, these teams expect to increase their awareness of the “Agile mindset” to provide more capacity, knowledge, and competencies to their people on agile practices and develop cross- functional skills for working with shared processes.


Enterprise Agility


1)  Increased Visibility of the Work in Progress and future initiatives

2)  Team Organization - "Synchronizing Moments" brought everyone  together for team working and search for "quick wins"

3)  Communication and Collaboration increased as team members now participate in dailies of different teams to share information regarding ongoing projects and tasks.




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