Uncover Workshop with STATIK
System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban

Get to know your Working System, and take metrics about your Workflow!

We understand you! When you have a lot in your hands, lot of requests from your stakeholders, or is just your team that can handle all there is to do in a work day, you might be in need of a better way of working, one that suits your own context.

Before even thinking about changing anything, you need to understand what is truly happening! Here is how we have the right help to you! 

Based on the STATIK - System Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban is destined to bring your the information, data and the different connections you need to understand and dive deeper in your system, to make the right changes. 

This workshop gives you the right tools to model you workflow, and provides you with the right techniques for designing a Kanban system, by going in deep on each one of the STATIK steps and provide next steps for your way of working.

What is Kanban?

Each solution our team designs is different to assure it suits your context!

Why should your team attend the
Uncover workshop?

Get the proper knowledge and metrics that you are missing from your Way of Working, and start making decisions to improve your work metrics.

 Copying past results isn't the solution. You either will not get the same results, or either get positive results at all. Every team is has a different set of stakeholders, environment, and constraints that sooner or later can bring problems from "copy & paste" solutions.

 This session is destined also to advice teams that are conducting a Kanban adoption and need guidance in what steps to take next, or feel that they need to improve their results with Kanban

What next steps you can expect from this session?

1. From connecting with a team of practitioners, you will get insights gathered from inumerous business contexts to better understand your sources of dissatisfaction and possible quick-wins, as also design your way of working based in different Agile tools and practices to better suit your context;

2. Be ready to bring to design Kanban boards and work items that can bring visualization and unlock better collaboration in your team and organization;

3. Take changing points to your managers and board, based on your workflow and what it is needed at each point to make right decisions, and happier Customers and Stakeholders!

 8 - 12 hours

 Private Groups and/or Teams only

 Available both online and in your facilities!

 Facilitated by: The Agile Thinkers Consulting Team

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