Innovation & Strategy

In an ever-changing world, innovation cannot be reduced to an R&D unit or Innovation department where people aim to innovate, this will result in stifling technological innovation.

To overcome this challenge, agile human factors are vital for companies by innovating as a team, a whole, and not just based on technical factors or business factors.

Develop your Innovation Skills

To develop your Innovation Skills let us share some practical tips to start the conversation:

  1. Review priorities to see where you spend your time ( check out life wheel )
  2. Assess your discovery skills systematically ( what new learning you got)
  3. Identify a compelling innovation challenge that matters
  4. Practice, practice, practice your discovery skills
  5. Get a coach/mentor to support your ongoing development efforts
All these steps combined (some already packaged in our academies), can help you, and your team to build relevant skills and knowledge required  to make a bigger and better impact at work and beyond.

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