Wardley Mapping: From a visual board to a Strategic Mastermind

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Feeling overwhelmed by ever-changing customer needs and a competitive global landscape?

In today's business world, making strategic decisions that are both fast and effective is more important than ever. This is where Wardley Maps come in! 🗺 

Here's what you'll gain:
✅ Uncover the power of Wardley Maps: Visualize your organization's landscape, understand your industry dynamics, and anticipate future developments.
✅ Make smarter decisions, faster: Align your strategic vision with real-world customer needs and your company's unique capabilities.
✅ Gain a competitive edge: Leverage Wardley Maps to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in your market.
✅ Real-world application: See Wardley Maps through insightful case studies, and gain practical tips and tricks for getting started with your own.

Don't just survive change, thrive with it! Join us on our upcoming webinar and discover how Wardley Maps can be your secret weapon for achieving sustainable success with Johan Persson and Gonçalo Pereira!

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Date & Time
May 2, 2024
11:00 AM 12:00 PM Europe/Lisbon

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