High Performance Teaming Challenge

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The High Performance Teaming Challenge is open to all types of teams and business areas. There are no pre-requisites for your participation. You just need to assure a team made from 6 to 10 members (the team must work together in real life), ready to learn and improve collaboration!


      The registration of a team between 6 to 10 members. The price available is for the entire team and not an individual price;

        High Performance Teaming session with certified trainers;

        High Performance Teaming Challenge Materials;

        Awareness sessions with recognized speakers about planning and debriefing;

        Support from a professional team facilitator/ organizational psychologist for each team;

        Supported by our new tool for organizations, coaches and teams;

        Welcome Coffee, Coffee Breaks and Lunch;

        One HPT free gift;

        Awards for the winners and participants.


HPT Challenge is a team development exercise designed to help teams achieve high performance. Use it with any level of the organization to demonstrate and develop:


    Effective communication;

    Cross-team communication;

    Continuous process learning and improvement;

    Working towards common goals;

    High-Performance Teams;

    Working from, and with feedback from Professional Coaches.


Bring your team for an unforgettable day of planning, debriefing, creativity and communication. Evolve, learn all about teamwork and have fun at the same time while you bound with your team members in a HPT Challenge. Here are some of the key benefits of attending the High-Performance Teaming Challenge:

    Awareness about Team dynamics;


    A hands-on learning opportunity on neutral ground;

    Skills development;

    Training and facilitation experiences;

​For more information, please read the ​Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.

Date & Time
November 28, 2023
4:00 AM 1:00 PM Europe/London

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