Finance and Agile: How to Tell if Your Agile Innovation Initiative is Worth it

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Have you ever wondered if you should go forward with an Agile project, but have no idea how to evaluate it?
This webinar with Claus Hirzmann and Gonçalo Pereira is perfect for you! 

You'll learn on this webinar how this leading-edge software, created by Strategic Finance that provides intuitive Real Options valuation, empowers you to make financially informed decisions for Agile Business Cases and Lean Portfolio Management.
With Real Options, you can:

🎯 Manage and reduce risks, minimizing the likelihood of pursuing non-viable innovation projects. 
🚀 Accelerate decision-making, speeding up the innovation cycle. 
💰 Enhance project evaluation, capturing the true value of agile innovation initiatives.

This webinar will be recorded and available on our e-Learning platform.

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Gonçalo Pereira
Gonçalo Pereira is a practitioner of New Ways of working, and ways for improving results, that can make a vital catalyst for transformation and value creation.

With Gonçalo’s extensive knowledge, experience and skills, he can provide the help that you need with his way of always thinking differently about processes, and with the focus on the right things, you can find innovative approaches to problems sustained by Agile practices that can increase your outcome.

He is passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves, and their work reflect who they are. His work as Scrum Master and Delivery Manager aims to aid individuals and teams with providing the right tools to a better decision making and flow.

Claus Hirzmann
Claus Hirzmann is co-founder of Strategic-Finance SAS, a startup company that brings the power of financially informed decisions to Agility & Innovation: the company provides leading-edge software for genuinely financial Agile Business Cases and finance-based Lean Portfolio Management. He is co-author of articles on these topics with Rita Gunther McGrath and Joe Vallone (Scaled Agile, Inc., SAFe®). 

Claus’ passion is about the intersection of strategy, innovation and finance. As engineer and MBA, he has been working during 25 years in according roles & responsibilities in various international companies, and teaches classes on Strategy and Finance in executive education and masters programs at multiple business schools, including HEC Paris and EDHEC Nice.

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Date & Time
March 21, 2024
5:00 PM 5:45 PM Europe/Lisbon

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