Driving innovation impact with Jobs-to-be-done

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For Leaders, Product Managers/Owners wishing to create or improve the profitability of their products and/or services, this session is designed to raise awareness of a tried and tested approach* to make innovation more predictable and profitable.

You’ll appreciate the benefits and features of Jobs-to-be-done theory and how it differs and compliments Agile, Lean Start-up / UX and Design thinking combined with Outcome Driven Innovation* to redefine markets, qualitatively and quantitatively gains customer insights and focus the design and development of new product/service development, improve marketing of existing products/services and how to establish a robust long term innovation strategy.

 Key Objectives:

  • Learn how and why to redefine markets using Job executor and the Core function job

  • Appreciate how the Outcome Driven Innovation approach works

  • Gain insights to formulate an JTBD innovation strategy and how its used to prioritise design thinking and agile product and platform  development as well as improve marketing messaging and branding


Frederic Pernet

Strategic Agility Coach

Fred employs a customer 'needs first' approach using jobs-to-be-done theory (JTBD) and Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) to redefine your markets, comprehensively capture and define a universally understood set of customer needs and use them to quantitatively find hidden segments of value.


David Cunha

Agile Consultant

David Cunha is a Consultant and Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience, specialized in building high-performance applications, teams, and businesses. 

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Date & Time
March 28, 2022
11:30 AM 12:30 PM Europe/Lisbon


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