The Economics Of Agile

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Understanding economics is crucial for business, even more so for agile business. Properly understood economics provides the background to understand the dynamics of change in complex economic systems, including emergent markets. Economics supports the understanding of how innovation can continue to create new, and ever-changing, economic structures. This webinar focuses on the latest developments in economic science, how they apply to value creation at the firm level, and how entrepreneurs and managers apply their understanding of economics to place the customer at the center of a constantly updated value creation engine. We also build upon management and focus on 6 specific ways economics is applied to help agile business.


Hunter Hastings

Economist, Entrepreneurial Advisor, Innovator and Executive Director

Hunter Hastings is an economist with extensive business experience. His professional track has focused on marketing and global brand building, for corporates including Procter & Gamble and JBS. He was a co-founder and CEO in the fields of marketing consulting and marketing software and a general partner in seed stage venture capital. He is an ambassador for the Economics For Business program of the Mises Institute, applying principles and insights of entrepreneurial economics and value creation systems in contemporary business approaches. 


Fernando Monteiro D’Andrea

Management Consultant in Strategy, Marketing and Quality

Fernando Monteiro D’Andrea stands in a special position at the intersection of business and economics. He holds degrees, including bachelors, masters and doctorates, in economics, management, marketing and production. He has been a professor teaching these subjects, and a business consultant applying them in industry. He has also been Chief Strategy Officer for Apex-Brasil, an international trade and development institution. On his journey, he has worked on and lived in several countries in three continents. He has many published papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is currently conducting new Ph.D. research at Oklahoma State University.

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Date & Time
June 22, 2022
11:30 AM 12:30 PM Europe/Lisbon


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