Agile HR - Navigating The New Normal

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COVID-19 is not why we face a revolution of work, but it has undoubtedly accelerated the need to rethink how we work and connect with people. And while we cannot yet fully anticipate what the ‘new normal’ will look like, several trends are shaping out already. We will explore how we can address the different challenges and navigate the new world of work.


Fabiola Eyholzer

Executive Advisor

Agile HR Fabiola Eyholzer, the Co-Founder of Just Leading Solutions, a renowned transformation consultancy for HR Agility based in New York, is a pioneer and recognized thought leader in Lean-Agile HR. As a seasoned Management Consultant and Executive Advisor, she advises enterprises to achieve Business Agility through a modern people approach. Fabiola is also Agile HR Practitioner Certification Course trainer.


Soraia Jamal

Agile Consultant

Soraia Jamal is an Agile Consultant and Organizational Psychologist with 20 years of experience, specialized in Organizational Behaviour and Performance Optimisation.
Her vast experience in military and aviation sector, in particular with high performance crews, allow her to assess teams and unleash the individual and collective potential by supporting the optimization of their performance and well-being.
Soraia’s professional experience includes expertise in organizational culture assessments and performance optimization in military, non-profit and corporate environments, and multi-cultural and multi-country contexts.


Paula Magalhães

Learning and Development

Paula is a Business Development Consultant with more than 12 years of experience designing and implementing corporate learning plans. She is also eXperience Agile and World Agility Forum Event Coordinator.

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Date & Time
April 6, 2022
11:30 AM 12:30 PM Europe/Lisbon


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