Kanban Method in a Value Stream Organization



A Security Systems production factory from Bosch wants to learn how to do things differently. After a transformation on the structural level of the company, this company needed to find an alignment between everyone in order to be successful. There is a sense of urgency in revolutionizing this workplace in order to get the most of this transformation. As with this, they expect to increase the awareness of the “Agile mindset”, provide more capacity, knowledge, and skills to its teams on agile practices and develop cross-functional teams working with shared processes.


In 2020, Bosch internally identified the traditional structure/hierarchy as a constraint. Therefore, they worked on a plan towards a new organization model with 3 Value Streams that comprise the production of video surveillance, fire detection, and communication systems, each one composed by a Value Stream Manager, a team with production, logistics, and industrialization, and Process Owners overlooking continuous improvement. A new way of working was needed to get everyone aligned with each Value Stream’s objectives and the organization’s objectives.


Enterprise Agility.


1) 90% of people recognize an improvement in visibility and focus of the team, and a more clear decision making;

2) The team feels more engaged with the current work in hands, as also commitment to work improved around 20%;

3) Daily meetings helped improve cohesion, team spirit, and alignment, as communication improved with more clarity in every moment.






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