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Agile is one way to improve your business goals. Meet people that believe in what you believe about Agile, Innovation, Product, Service and Agile practices Like Scrum, Kanban, LeSS,  how to adopt and scale it, what are your needs for successful business outcomes. Share your questions with our experts, in a relaxed environment!

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Coffee sessions will be conducted in Lisbon, based on your preference and availability.   


Sip, Learn and Connect

Join Hugo Lourenço for a captivating coffee or tea session to discover the fascinating worlds of Agile pratices and psychological behavioural health. Get ready to relax, sip your favorite hot beverage, and expand your knowledge in an engaging and comfortable environment.

Unique Learning Experience

Gain insights into the world of agile  and learn more about behavior, psychologic safety, and more with experts in their fields.

Informal Setting

Break away from traditional seminars and workshops. Our coffee sessions offer a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can unwind while absorbing valuable knowledge.

Exclusive Access

By schedulling a coffee with Hugo you gain exclusive access to their knowledge. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn directly from experts.

Meet the host

Hugo Lourenço

Hugo has more than 17 years driving organizations to new, organized, and more effective ways of working. Former Portuguese Navy special forces. Advisor, Certified Trainer, and Professional Coach.