What tools do we have to face such a situation? What can we do and how to begin a demand without certainty about the volatile ends and unstable paths?

– By João Pedro Fernandes –


The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity comes from anxiety as the day comes from the dark night. And in the crisis there is inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies. Who overcomes crisis overcomes himself without being overpass.

Albert Einstein

Times of crisis and chaos like the ones we live in can be considered as a death trap in our solitary or collective activities, but they can also be felt as an opportunity to question what we do, how we do, and why we do it. It’s with this thought in mind that we can address the greatest strength of our fragile human condition when we refuse to flee in the face of adversity!

But what tools do we have to face such a situation? What can we do and how to begin a demand without certainty about the volatile ends and unstable paths? How can we select the best solution, the one that will take us further?

As logical and rational human beings we have a hard time dealing with the unknown although we cope with the unexplainable and this is the first step to be taken in identifying what is happening, because nothing will be the same, and probably many of the rules that existed will disappear.

We tolerate the unexplained but not the inexplicable

Erving Goffman

The signs that a company can’t deal with the disruption and crisis emerge always in similar situations, where the lack of investment, fears, and doubts, question our own reason for existing, that’s why a leader must be the first to respond “We are a team and not a drifting boat” while trying to understand and make sense of what surrounds us.

We need to identify ourselves with those around us and with whom we share affinities, stimulating the coexistence and expectation of each one. No one has the right or wrong answer, just an exchange of stories and narratives about memories of the past and explanations for the future, keep changing on every moment because they are the logical explanations for each one!

And if also in chaos there are points of calm surrounded by strong winds and waves creating a strong attractor, although it is not possible assessing where they will happen and what their consequences will be, a leader must converge this set of scattered and inconsequential solutions and ideas looking for lull points that could mean a door for the future.

The present moment is the right time for a leader to reclaims from their employees’ contributions with ideas, suggestions, and analyses for our collective future. Right or wrong, good or bad, everyone can collaborate in the search for a crisis’s solution. All of us have a role in building an Obeya room in the office or meeting room, using tools that we learned in the courses of Product Owner, Scrum Master, Kanban, Design Thinking and DevOps, think about how we can use them, not to develop new programs, but in the search for solutions, built from scratch and with the help of everyone, in a world that wants to be better and happier.

And for those who have a hard time knowing how to do it, think about the Scrum Master and Product Owner and the ability to inspect and adapt to find new solutions, the daily retrospectives, the ability to link departments around value for Consumer and how DevOps concepts help to overcome silos, in Kanban boards and its staffs, where different lines of work are articulated with visibility and explicit collaboration policies, in Lean and the quests to minimize waste or in Design Thinking to disaggregate the status quo and rebuild it again, incorporating new concepts and ideas, and use these tools to find more creative and resilient solutions with your employees.

And if too much time has passed to remember what we did and how we did it and think that a recollection can be useful. Please do not hesitate because at this moment all help can make a difference in our / your company.


About the Author

João Pedro Fernandes’s Profile

João Pedro’s professional experience includes developing application to Health Care in different environments and programing languages. With 30 years’ work in military arenas makes him suited to understand today’s challenge of the modern world and how to deal with teams, team building, team identification and emergent leadership.

With an Agile’s mindset, where people came first, he helps creating a psychologic safety environment, overcoming asymmetric goals in teams and build a culture of teamwork in the organization.