Innovate products and services that your customers love.

Use innovation to take out the guesswork by investing in ideas that customers need, want and value.

Apply methods of Design Thinking, Service Design, Agile ways of working and visualisation techniques to focus on delivering true customer value. Foster creativity and team collaboration to innovate new products, services and business models that will keep you ahead of the curve.

And do this continuously by embracing experimentation and rapid learning.

Why innovate?

“Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.” – Bill Gates

Create user-centric
products and features

Why use design thinking
and innovation?

Get your customer’s
shoes on

Lean Agile

Engage your teams to deliver more value. Predictably. Faster.

Building products and services right, getting them to market predictably and rapidly accessing new markets, is essential in highly competitive environments. Use Lean Agile to work more efficiently and effectively, keeping your focus on delivering greater value – and achieving superior competitive differentiation.

The case for Lean Agile

“We were faced with unprecedented market change and an ability to respond through delivery. Radtac introduced us to an Agile approach that made the impossible possible. We are now delivering far more than anyone thought achievable a year ago.” – Managing Director, William Hill Online

Revolutionising users’
digital experience

Agile Foundations

Scaling Agile

Every business is a software business now. Agility isn’t an option; it’s a business imperative. But organisations struggle building big solutions.

Digital disruption affects every organisation around the globe. The sheer technological complexity and scale of the required solutions mean today’s businesses need to have a fully aligned and optimised delivery capability.

Get started with scaling Agile

“Radtac truly empowered us and changed the way we view software delivery. This has been one of our most successful transformation programmes – and Radtac was a huge help in enabling this to happen.” – Head of London Market Business Change, William Hill

Major bank transforms
over multiple continents

SAFe® 4.6 Introduction

Is your business
on the same page?

Business Agility

Reinvent your business with high performance, end-to-end agility.

Redefining your business model by eliminating waste and accelerating the flow of value right through to your customer is what modern business is all about. The challenge is: how?

Connecting islands of agility across your organisation is critical to achieving a high performance, lean business. This means turbo-charging the adoption of Agile ways of working across your entire business to plan, market, sell, approve and distribute your products and services.

You may already operate agile teams, you may be introducing Agile working across functions like talent management, marketing and procurement; or you may be ready to take agility to the next level across your business geographies. Partner with our business agility team to progress Agile ways of working, thinking and leading in your business.

Together, we’ll accelerate the flow of value across your entire organisation into the hands of your customers. We’ll help your organisation turn waste into customer value by easing friction between collaborating teams and functions in your enterprise. And we’ll empower a lean, fast moving organisation that commands its own customer success.

Services and solutions

Many organisations recognise the importance of creating an agile, lean enterprise – and its rewards. The time to start is now. Our business agility team will work in partnership with you to develop the right solution for your organisation, using a combination of our consulting, coaching, practitioner and training services.

Learning and Development

Train and educate your teams and leadership in the framework, method and technique of your choice, using our quality assured, globally recognised, certifiable learning modules. Talk to us about our courses:

  • Lean Agile leadership
  • Leadership essentials for Agile executives
  • Executive briefings on select business agility topics
  • Agility for talent manager professionals
  • Agility for procurement, contracting and legal professionals
  • Lean Agile finance

Coaching and Consulting

Get support from our expert Coaches and Consultants to address executive, team, and enterprise-level challenges to improve the way you work, learn new skills, and give you confidence to succeed. We can help you in many ways, through:

  • Leading Agile change
  • Assessing & evolving Agile cultures
  • Agile metrics, reporting & governance
  • Systems leadership: business value & flow
  • Implementing and evolving agility in enterprise business domains

Teams and People

Bring someone with new and verified experience into your teams to support your organisation’s journey towards improved agility. Our people are fully supported by the Radtac team and will enable you to gain new skills and knowledge.